02 February 2015 @ 12:44 am
Not sure what the heck is going on right now? This easy links post makes it easy for YOU to keep up to date on what's going on in Genessia! All active moderator posts and player plot posts by request (comment this post to have player plot details added) will be posted here! This post will stay pinned to the top of the OOC comm for your convenience.


ONGOING 1/1 PLEASE NOTIFY MODS OF CHARACTER DEATH AT THIS TIME - Character death policy change- bodies no longer dissolve (see details)

Sign Ups for Breach 3 Event Plot Chances


Hello everyone. The Attleton Olympic Games start this next July 26 and we have the final list of participants and winners.

Feel free to use this post to plot, form teams and decide who will win the competitions that were not RNG’d. If you can’t come to an agreement or you rather have luck decide, let us know and we will RNG the winners. A few extra details:

As you can see, we have an uneven number of second round participants, so instead of fighting one-on-one we will have…a Fencing Death Match. Have fun fighting the other fencer, all at once. That's the Star Wars' way!

The athletes need to participate in teams of 3. Feel free to find your ideal partner, dress up for the occasion and come with a proper ridiculous Team Name so the fans can scream it.

Relay Race
Since we only have 4 participants and that’s two teams, there’s no third and fourth place in this category.

Once the Games starts there will be an open log for those who want to play out the competitions. It’s not necessary to play them all out, we also encourage you to make public posts in the comm to show off your character skills or their performance during the game.

We will be updating the roster before the games so everything is up to date.

Plotting threads below:
21 July 2017 @ 04:59 pm
Hi, Nat here again, sorry if I'm being a pain but I just thought I'd ask if anyone would be interested in a thread where Edith feeds off their character since she's new and doesn't know where to buy blood yet.

Soo would anyone be interested in running into a hungry vampire? Rest assured that Edith is not a killer so there's no risk to your character's life.
20 July 2017 @ 11:56 am
...that title was a little ridic, I know, BUT, anyway. This is Heather (Dorian, Clay, and Jag) with character #4...

...and I should preface this by saying I'm letting Ganelon go home. He was a shot in the dark that didn't quite pan out.

ANYWAY this is Vincent Valentine from FFVII Compilation. He's specifically coming in from mid Dirge of Cerberus, when he's found out a little bit about the entity that resides within him, but no one's yanked out the protomateria in his chest that gives him the ability to control the beast somewhat.

:) I'll be introing him soon <3
20 July 2017 @ 03:56 pm

Hi folks!~

Beth here, your resident Sonico and Faye, this time bringing in a rather different creature - Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you haven't seen this you are either a) younger than me and therefore somehow this film has slipped your popular culture or b) a person with an empty life. Seriously, watch it!

He will have no idea what the heck is going on, but he will love that, because he's super curious and a bit of scientist (Halloween Town stylee anyway).

As per usual, you can PM me here or please feel free to add me on Plurk at dystopiadreams.


20 July 2017 @ 11:11 am
Hi there, its not just a new character here but a new player!

I'm Nat and I will be playing Edith a fledgling from a Vampire the Requiem/Chronicles of Darkness game.(For anyone familiar with the canon and confused by Edith's username, the Camarilla got reestablished in the campaign.)

Edith was a painfully shy girl who got sired by accident and caught up in was escalated into a war between modern New York vampires and an Elder from roman times. Thankfully her side won but she's still getting used to her new position and the fact people actually think she's like... really powerful or something? Yes the poor girl has some self confidence issues. Clearly ripping her from her home world and sending her here is the best way to deal with them. >_>

This is my return to RP after taking a bit of a break so if you see me doing something dumb don't be scared to let me know, Edith might bite but I don't. (....Sorry I had to make a bad joke somewhere in here ^^;;;)

My plurk is Kitsune_Wolf if you're interested, but not necessary for plotting as PM's to this journal are welcome.
18 July 2017 @ 03:18 am
Updates from the mods!

1. Taken list update
For grouped-together series like Persona, Final Fantasy, MCU, Star Wars, and so on, we've added a sub-section to the OU to identify which specific one they're from. It looks like this:


Character Name | Alias ([personal profile] username)
OU (VI: The Mighty Subseries) | PLAYED BY PLAYER

That said, because it wasn't previously on the Taken List, please check your character's entry if you fall under the multi-series category and verify that your character's taken list entry is correct. If it is not, please comment the taken list with the adjustments. Thank you!

2. The Photobucket Nightmare
So I'm sure some of you have noticed by now that a lot of the images were hosted on Photobucket. With their new policies, you can only direct link if you're a paid member. Which is stupid because what would be the point of uploading it to photobucket in that case when legit everywhere else is free? But I digress- no photobucket rants here, I'll stop. We've re-uploaded the main ones, but you'll still see the error if you look back at older posts because we're not going through the entire history of the game to update image links for newspapers and so on. Sorry guys.

3. Please stop messaging the mods if things aren't done immediately.

The following was added to all comm profiles and the taken page:
"Out of respect to the moderators' schedules, please only message moderators about unresponded to tasks if the time since your original request has been submitted for a week or longer. Thank you."

The exception to this would be urgent event questions, which have their own special question areas that allow moderators to check in more frequently. Because events have set times, if a moderator hasn't responded to a question that's located within the designated question area within 2-3 days please feel free to contact us about it. Don't ask the mod plurk questions ever, we only log in to post things on it and 2/3 mods don't get emails for private plurks.

The moderators all have a lot on their plate IRL, from jobs to family matters and other responsibilities. We do not have time to process tasks the second that they go through. We love your enthusiasm and are happy you have it, but please exercise patience. We're only human, and the game is designed to accommodate a slower play-style due to many of our players having busy lives so you aren't going to fall too behind if it takes us 4 days to do something. We really would appreciate it, thank you.

4. FAQ addition: Project Ways / Ways Points.
It was mentioned in the newspaper in game, but in order to make sure that players are aware it's an up-and-running function now that reduces IC travel times, we're adding it to the FAQ. Please read the entry here if you have no idea what the hell I'm talking about.

5. Discord
Still sussing out details, word on this soon. Hang with us. If you have an opinion you'd like to include, head on over to this post to do so. We're still checking! We will keep the poll open until 7/21 so please be sure to vote by then.

6. Rumor mill brainstorming
Hello everyone, it looks like there's been a lot of interest in starting up a rumor mill in Genessia. We'd like your ideas on how to do it. The current ideas are:

-Randomly post on plurk/discord as a "bonus" so we're not flooding the IC comm all the time. (People likely won't see it if it's a pinned post so we don't wanna do that.)
-Allow submissions?
-2-3 characters picked via RNG from the taken list each week.
-Rumors may or may not be relevant but will not reveal devastating personal information. Your character's deepest darkest secret isn't going to be revealed because of a fun gossip thing.
-If the rumor is NSFW in nature it will be phrased implicitly. No rumors may contain explicit content.
-If mods miss a week, same topics are repeated for the next week? They're just that hot of news, goodness.
None of these are set in stone, so if you're against one of them, let us know. Have more ideas? Let us know! Comment right here to participate in discussion.

Questions, comments concerns about any of this? Reply here and a mod will get back to you as soon as possible.
18 July 2017 @ 10:15 am
Hi! It's Tash, player of Grell, Nora, Neopolitan, Aya, and...now Pizzazz from Jem and the Holograms. I'm taking her from the IDW Comic, but really, either version is basically the same. She's pretty...self-centered and thinks highly of herself, but she can back it up because she's an awesome guitarist and singer. Having no Holograms around means it's prime space for The Misfits to get their roots into the music scene!

There's one more thing about her, but it's a major SPOILER if you're not caught up with the current comic, so I'll just put it under a cut:


I'm at [plurk.com profile] thesparklequeen for plots and stuff!
17 July 2017 @ 10:02 pm
Hello! Mech is back again....I keep coming and going and this time I bring in Lisa Tepes. The only woman to ever love Dracula and is Alucard's mom.

Feel free to add me over on plurk at [plurk.com profile] plushietaco I don't bite.
Hello Genessia. I go by the alias of Cirno and I'll be bringing into the game the MCU's latest addition: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, taken from the ending of his movie Spider-Man: Homecoming! He's your not so average nerdy teenager who deals with most things other teenagers deal with: Getting girls to go to homecoming dances, making sure to keep up to date on homework...

Oh, yeah, and also saving people's lives and battling villains! For you see, Peter has a second identity known as "Spider-Man", and if you don't know who Spider-Man is he's just your friendly neighborhood guy with spider powers including but not limited to: creating webbing, superhuman reflexes, super strength & a brand spanking fancy new technological suit with a bunch of new additions!

I have a permissions post set up over here if you'd like to opt-out from threading with him at all/want to avoid him talking about anything spoilery. As a general rule of thumb, if you don't post there I'll do my best to avoid spoilers but if they crop up then they crop up. No matter what I'll always warn for spoilers so people don't stumble across them by accident!

If you'd like to add me, you can reach me in one of two places: My plurk, which (still getting the hang of it) is over at [plurk.com profile] ninebaII OR my Discord which is "Cirno#1161"

It's nice to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to RPing with you! c:
17 July 2017 @ 08:35 pm

Hi all, it's your local neighborhood Meido again. First off, I've dropped Eidola and Rowan- both of their voices completely escaped me and I lost all confidence to work with them. I'm sorry to the people who filled out Eidola's permissions post, but thank you so much for doing so! ;; She may come back at a later date when I'm comfortable again but as of right now it's best to put her away.

Secondly, I am bringing with me now someone I thought about playing once before but totally chickened out until I got horribly enabled this time around. This is Adrian Fahrenheit Tepes, half-human son of none other than Dracula himself, of Castlevania fame. You could also say that he's a +1 to Team Daddy Issues here in Genessia. He comes post-Symphony, so he and his dad? ... not gonna get along too well I don't think.

Lastly, because I am the Master of Unlocking Bad Timing, I will be on hiatus starting the 19th to August 6th due to a trip! But I'll still likely get tags in here and there, so it won't be total inactivity. I'll still be checking my Plurk multiple times a day though, so you can hit me up there at any time if you need me for anything.

I am unbelievably nervous about bringing Alucard in, but I hope I can do him justice! ;;
17 July 2017 @ 11:32 pm
Hello everyone! This is Nami, new here but I've known about the game for a while. Some people already here convinced me to join so... Hi!

I bring you two characters: one is this lovely lady from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Her name is Brynhild and she's my played version of the Dragonborn. She shouts, she fights dragons, she apparently also speaks dragon?? and she never asked for any of this, whoopsie,

All jokes aside and for people who might be familiar with the game, I'm playing her post meeting Paarthurnax, who poses a big dillema in her view of dragons and their motives, but closer to when she helps Delphine track down an Elder Scroll. Genessia will be a long-awaited break from that lifestyle and hopefully from petty thievery. :D

The other character is Alice Liddell of the American McGee variety. Her journal is over at [personal profile] fearsnothing and canon-wise I am playing her post-games during the time of the Jules Verne animated short. This Alice is considerably darker than the original stories, having gone through horrible life experiences and having been a years-long resident in a victorian-era asylum. Still, she's a bit like a superhero and now that she's finally learning to set herself free, she wants to help others as well. Despite her temper.

Anyway, my contact info is on the contacts page and I hope we get to play around. I'll probably intro them in a bit or tomorrow but I hope to see you all around. Cheers!
17 July 2017 @ 10:49 pm
Hello everyone this is Lylith

I'm afraid that Ildikó ([personal profile] pretty_handy ) wasn't quite working for me on the game so she's gone back to sleep. Thank you so much to all the people who thread with her, it was a blast and she had a lot of fun. I'm still around with K2SO and I bring you another of my OC's, Dray Lyell from an original species named Eidions. There's a lot of info in his journal and here's a few images about how he looks.

Long story short, he had really shitty luck in t he past and was kidnapped and locked into a prison for 10 years. He's coming to the game right after the night he escapes, so Dray's going to be really exited and overwhelmed about all the new things he's allowed to do and try. He will also be looking for his children, since he is a mama.

Thank you!
14 July 2017 @ 05:21 pm
Just leaving a little note to let any CR I have know that I dropped.

I'd say that Bracken left notes behind for people but... you know he didn't have that kind of forethought. His giant tree house will be there with pictures of people left behind in it. If he's talked to your character, there's probably a pretty well done drawing of them left behind.

There's no reason the tree house wouldn't be in good shape. However, everything ran based off his magic, so anyone who wanted to make use of it would have to figure out the water/cooking situations. It would be way too big at this point in time for one guy, built high up in the trees with likely dozens of rooms from months of work. They're Sylvari style.

I had a pretty good time here so I'd just like to thank everyone for everything. Have fun you all!
10 July 2017 @ 06:56 pm
Hi! I'm Bethany or Beth, I answer to both. I am new to the game and I am bringing in Martha Jones from Doctor Who. Her canon point is the end of Utopia. I am excited to be player her finally after many years of wanting to. I am [plurk.com profile] murgalicious if anyone wants to add me, but no pressure. I am looking forward to tossing Martha into the fray.
10 July 2017 @ 04:11 pm
Hi everyone! Quick update to the Player Contact list and an interest poll. The player contact list has had email addresses removed for security reasons. Email addresses will no longer be provided on the player contact list unless you choose to add it yourself under the "Other" category.

AIM and Discord have been given their own separate categories given that they're the most popularly provided option that was previously in "Other" so it should be easier to see them now.

That said, you're probably like "Well you already did everything already, what the hell are you going to poll us for?" Well, that has to do with Discord.

Click here to see what's up )
07 July 2017 @ 11:16 pm

Exciting news for all you Olympics fans!

We've been going through the list of your suggestions and questions, and can now present you with the full list of competitions held at the 2017 Attleton Olympics. Some of them are adapted from games in the Star Wars universe, other suggestions from our fellow players. We will be having both athletic and non-athletic disciplines, hopefully giving everyone a chance to participate in a discipline of their choice.

You can now start plotting and forming teams. Sign-ups go till July 20th.

Presenting the Olympic competitions...

Read more... )
05 July 2017 @ 09:11 pm
Hello, all! Some of you probably already know me from plurk or other games, but my name is Susan (though I also answer to Tanks). I'm bringing this dork; Lea from the Kingdom Hearts universe. I look forward to playing with you all!

And feel free to add me on plurk if you don't have me friended there already. My plurk name is [plurk.com profile] Tanks4thememory 
05 July 2017 @ 06:19 pm
Hi there, my name is Demothi, and I'm a new player here at Genessia. I'm bringing in Pidge Gunderson (also known as Katie Holt) from Voltron Legendary Defender (the new one).

I look forward to playing with people. If you want to add me on Plurk, please feel free, I am [plurk.com profile] Demothi
04 July 2017 @ 06:38 pm
I've been told that if I don't multithread or discourage it in my threads I'd be 'alienating myself from the community'. I really don't understand how to even make it work as it makes everything an ugly mess and really I can't write interactions for a thing that apparently happens after a scene while in the first scene as development growth and other actions that may have more notable impact could happen in line one. But because someone decided to not join the main line I have how react after the first set because they just can't be bothered to read replies to the thread and add to the existing action?

This just really hurts any enjoyment I'll be having as it means I have to genericify my actions and dumb down any actions in a thread because quite simply I'm having to ensure that the two threads manage to link up and make any sort of sense.

Is it that wrong that I also kind of view this as having an effect of effectively driving everyone into bubbles instead of interacting as a group and really removing a lot of interesting interactions. There is also the possibility I'm having this person effectively lying and forcing me to change my preferences to match Their preferences...
03 July 2017 @ 02:38 pm

It's Karma aka that mun who plays Jaune Cena and Major Fuckup. I bring Captain James Tiberius Kirk from the Star Trek reboot. I will be playing him post Beyond. He's a sophisticated individual who loves his classical music and never makes an impulsive decision ever.

As usual if you want to plot you can PM me or find me at icestrikes @ plurk if you prefer.