02 February 2015 @ 12:44 am
Not sure what the heck is going on right now? This easy links post makes it easy for YOU to keep up to date on what's going on in Genessia! All active moderator posts and player plot posts by request (comment this post to have player plot details added) will be posted here! This post will stay pinned to the top of the OOC comm for your convenience.


Body Swap - 8/4 only

*ONGOING 1/1 PLEASE NOTIFY MODS OF CHARACTER DEATH AT THIS TIME - Character death policy change- bodies no longer dissolve (see details)

8/15-9/15 Activity Check-In Period


TBA - The Dead City (Everglade)
19 September 2017 @ 09:51 am
So I was going to drop Skyler for Ice Bear and just focus on the one character, but I'm finding that most nights I don't have motivation for tags after work. Rather than end up squatting, I've decided to drop both. I hate to leave so soon after joining, but I might try again if I can get my brain back in the future.

"Gold" spots were spots that contained treasure! "Teal" spots are special events! Anything else was a miss. Today's instructions are as follows:

DAY 4 = ONE FINAL GUESS. Please list which spot you would like to guess for in a reply to this post. Taymod will respond to your comment to let you know if you've hit something or if you missed.

There are 6 total treasure spots, two of which have been discovered. There are two special event spots, one of which has been discovered. There is one spot that contains the thief, who has not yet been discovered. If the thief gets away, there may be magical mayhem in the future and no charms will be rewarded.

IMPORTANT TIME NOTE: Because this post got put up late, you may reply to day 4 up until 9PM PST on September 18th. This will get you plenty of extra time to get in your guesses. Good luck everyone!
It's time for day 3! First let's look at what the guesses were for days one and two so you can all tell what's already been picked:

"Gold" spots were spots that contained treasure! Anything else was a miss. Today's instructions are as follows:

Each player gets one guess for day 3! Please list which spot you would like to guess for in a reply to this post. Taymod will respond to your comment to let you know if you've hit something or if you missed.

Notes: The grid is 13x13 which means that there are a total of 169 possible squares. As of the day 1/2 post, 30 players have replied with two guesses each so far, which means 60 squares have already been guessed. There are 6 total treasure spots, two of which have been discovered. There are two special event spots, none of which have been discovered. There is one spot that contains the thief, who has not yet been discovered.

IMPORTANT TIME NOTE: You may reply to this day 3 post up to 11am PST (EXTENDED TO) 1PM PST tomorrow. The final day will be posted shortly after that. For this to work it has to be consecutive dates so late entries will not be accepted.
15 September 2017 @ 01:58 pm
Hi everyone! First of all let me apologize that this is a day late. I got swamped at work yesterday and had no time to sit down, let alone post, then passed out when I got home. BUT HERE WE GO.

Here's how it goes:

For the first day, you may pick two squares because I'm a day late. The squares are formatted with a letter and number, so please include both, and reply with your choices in response to this post. Tomorrow morning, the spreadsheet will be updated with guessed spots but for today, make sure you check other peoples' replies so you don't guess the same one twice.

For tomorrow and Sunday, you must return each day to try to guess. This is a total of four per player. There are a lot of squares, so it's entirely possible that the thief will get away, but keep in mind- if she does, she'll be back in future events, and the chances of catching her will increase!

Additionally, there are certain spots that have special items your character may win in game, so you might not catch the thief, but your character may find something else along the way.

Note: Taymod is the only one with the answer key, even Dave and Lisa don't have it. The key will be revealed at the end of the event and is in a google spreadsheet, already made. There are six treasures, two special events, and just one thief.

Good luck!

EDIT/IMPORTANT TIME-SENSITIVE NOTE: Comments open until 10am PST 9/16. Day 3 will be posted shortly after and for this to work it has to be consecutive so late entries will not be accepted.
13 September 2017 @ 10:20 pm
Hi, I'm Silence and I used to play Jerry here a bazillion years ago. Now I bring you... ANOTHER bald guy in a suit!

For the canon-blind: 47 here is the protagonist of the Hitman series, a clone that was genetically engineered and raised from birth to be the ultimate killing machine. As a result, his personality falls under the "seems cold-hearted and emotionless, actually a decent person with a hidden soft side" type, and comes with a host of psychological issues.

He's coming from after Hitman: Absolution, and since no one in Genessia knows him or his reputation, he's going to give that whole "peaceful retirement" thing another try. Maybe it'll stick this time now that no one is going to kidnap his only friend to force him back into the business? Accordingly, he'll also be going by the alias "David Ford" as he doesn't want to risk anyone possibly recognizing his real name or any of his previous aliases.

I have a permission post for his abilities here, and my plurk is here.
11 September 2017 @ 07:13 pm
Wonderland Whimsy: A Fayren Event

Starting on September 14th and going through September 17th, Fayren is in for a wacky time! This is a fairly open-ended event and you're welcome to have your characters get into whatever mischief fits with the theme as long as you keep in mind the tenants of ooc communication and make sure that whoever you're threading with is OK with whatever you come up with too. That said, any character who steps into Fayren during the event period is going to notice the world is a little out of wack.

Doors lead to oceans, cookies make you grow small and mushrooms make you grow tall, animals can talk and so can chairs and doorknobs too, tiles are bouncy, fishes are fancy, and flowers might spray a euphoric substance that makes you blissfully unaware of anything but your own happiness. It's a dangerous, wacky, wonderful world in Fayren, and it's caused by a magical spell. Someone is up to no good, and that someone is a thief who got her hands on a powerful spell that she found in The Maw. Though not a sorceress herself, the thief utilized magic contained in a stone she'd stolen a week earlier, which is why throughout Fayren they will find wanted posters around town leading up to the event, then through it.

How to Catch a Thief
Players can submit one guess per day during the course of the event in a battleship-style grid game. The first player to guess which spot the thief is on gets to have one of their characters get credit for stopping her and saving Fayren. Whichever player guesses correctly may have up to a party of three characters (including themselves) do a log in a similar fashion to a bounty log. (You can handle the thief's personality, etc. for the sake of easy because Taymod is a slow asshole.) The party members (up to three!) will all receive Fayren charms.

How many guesses do we each get?
For this event, you get one guess per day of the event. The event is four days long, so this totals four guesses for each person regardless of how many characters you have. This makes it fairer so that players who only play one character don't have fewer chances to participate than a player who plays seven characters. If you correctly guess the thief's location, then you can apply it to any one of the characters you play. You cannot give it to another player after winning, everyone only has four chances.

What happens if no one finds the thief?
If no one guesses the correct spot by the end of the event period, the thief gets away and no one gets a charm. The magic will fade by the end of the event period regardless, but the thief will remain at large!

Okay but I don't want to catch a thief, I just want to have Wonderland fun, can I do _________?
If it doesn't break the rules of the game and is in the realm of Wonderland-themed stuff, go for it. On the other hand, anything outside of Fayren's technology levels won't be allowed. No one's device is going to turn into a fighting robot and punch their lights out, though if they drop their device while crossing a mallow marsh (a marsh made of marshmallow) it might bounce really high and far and you might have to chase it and hope you don't get caught in sticky marshmallow. Or if you do, you'd better hope you brought some chocolate and graham crackers to get yourself out of it.

If you aren't sure, that's when you comment here to ask a mod! You can also ask any other questions relating to the event there. Please do not direct questions to mods on the plurk that links to this post or in the discord as it is very easy for moderators to miss your questions but also easy for other players who don't have access to non-community locations to miss the answer as well. Let's keep it all in one place. Thank you, and another post will go up with the Thief Hunt Grid on the 14th to open for guessing! You do not have to wait until that post goes up to make your own posts however. There will not be a designated log for this event.
11 September 2017 @ 01:36 pm
So as brought up in the most recent post Grell made, here is a signup post for those that want to participate! There's going to be a bake sale, a calendar for next year, and...maybe other ideas/events! This probably won't happen until November, and the Calendar would probably be available from mid October, depending if enough people sign up!

The sexy Christmas (advent???) calendar is also a possibility!

Please comment to the appropriate categories below, and if there are any questions, then ask away!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that if you have any pictures for the month you want, please include them in your comments! A description can suffice if no image is available! Stick figures with photoshopped heads are welcomed!
I've been jonesing for a good, content-making villain for a while now, if only to give our ultra-violent heroes something to do. And since I've played way too much Darkest Dungeon, I might as well copy from that! So I ask you, Gen: would you want to put your poor muses through the Dankest Edgiest Darkest Dungeon?


The setup would go like this: The Heart of Darkness (the big bad behind everything, rarely seen except in the body of an old man) uses its eldritch, body and sanity-destroying powers to royally screw something in the world up. It's then up to you, brave and possibly insane adventurer, to form a team to hack, slash, and loot your way through abominable horrors until you reach the end and win the quest.

This would be a very crunchy kind of villain experience with lots of dice rolls. While you could, in theory, write out every interaction with every fight, curio interaction, campfire, etc., in practice you would probably only do so with the boss and whatever struck your fancy along the way. Plurk/Discord plotting and basic descriptions of junctures the adventurers make would flesh out the more mechanical parts. With lots of purple prose, natch.

Purpose (but y doe)

1. To give good (or neutral, see next section) guys/gals something to do
2. To present heroism at a cost, i.e. give your guys something to get good and angsty about.
3. Inspire lots of CR! Both with the ragtag psychos you decide to entrust your life with, and the fallout that comes from such a stressful undertaking. You're gonna need to drink your troubles away with someone
4. Hope. Yes, that's the theme of Darkest Dungeon. Don't laugh! I've always thought it was really cool to present this cosmic, deeply evil thing, and then pit it against 4 schmucks you fished from the dumpster. That's inspiring! I want to bring that same spirit of can-do, anti-Cthulu spirit to Genessia. 

Who's it for?
Sadly, the Dankest Dungeon isn't for everyone. Here's what your character would need to have to participate in this villainous, ongoing plot

1.Activity. For something with so many fiddly bits, this is a must. Groups would be in base teams of three for the widest variety of interpersonal relations. Four if you're REALLY tight with each other, but I wouldn't recommend it. For a format that works best in 1-on-1, that's asking a lot, I know, but it'd simply be too slow and nonfunctional otherwise. I'm not saying there can't be smaller, more individual plots surrounding the Heart of Darkness, but for the meat of it, you'd need some time on your hands.

2. Morality: aka, neutral or above. I could provide IC reasons for this, but really villain-v-villain is 2bleak4me. If your heart is *already* Dark, you're in the wrong Dungeon. (if you're not sure, ask! I can tell what kind of character would be a good fit). Not to say that evil people couldn't collaborate with the HoD, if that's what you're into...

3. Flexibility. Your character should, give or take, be willing to work with a variety of persons to keep the crew motley. Castmates are insular and boring. YEAH I SAID IT. FIGHT ME.

4. Maturity?
The Darkest Dungeon is...dark. It's full of awful, horrible, no-good far-gone's that should be slain on sight. Trust me, every killing in one of these things is a mercy killing. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart.

5. Last and definitely not least: vincibility. The fun of Darkest Dungeon is stressing people out, driving them insane, getting barfed on by demon pigs and contracting syphilis, etc. If the dice aren't kind, you might suffer a TPK. Not that that's a deliberate goal; I'd be totally cool with people walking out with nothing more than a fatter wallet. 

But injuries, mental stress, the contraction of diseases and quirks (positive and negative!) and yes, even death, are all things you should be cool with. It's all reversible, of course, and the DD can't fundamentally change your morality. But it can sure make holding on to it a lot harder.

Don't worry if your character seems too OP or might trivialize some aspect; we can always say the HoD nerfs people until they're fun. At least, I assume that's why you couldn't heal between encounters. On the flip-side, if you think your character is some weakling who couldn't hack it, think again! So long as they're willing to take up arms, anyone can find a place in the Darkest Dungeon. And hey, don't worry if your character is a robot or something. The Heart of Darkness can corrupt anything.

If that sounds like fun, say so! We can go into mechanics and (small) character sheets later if there are enough interested. If you've got a question or concern, ask! As always, I can be reached at [plurk.com profile] JudgeCF 
This could be you!
This could be you!

08 September 2017 @ 11:34 am
Hey all, Levi here again bringing back an OC that was here previously!

Kyrie Riven is a socially awkward vampire priestess. Yes, a vampire who can heal others and wield divine magic. Long story short, she's her goddess's chosen one. Unlike last time though, she's coming in from a little later in her story, after she joined an adventuring party and is a little less awkward. And she no longer does the whole speaking in third-person thing. Unless she's really nervous.

Anyway, I'll get her IC intro up at some point today!
07 September 2017 @ 01:38 pm
Okay, so first thing's first. I'm going to be dropping Mewtwo.

Secondly, I'm going to be going on a hiatus, as I am right now hospitalized for an ear infection, and it's really hard to brain tags and the like. I apologize for the timing, and I will attempt to get tags for Akihiko done whenever I have a moment of clarity, but everyone else will be going on autopilot.

Sorry for all the inconveniences.
07 September 2017 @ 10:52 am

Hello, Genessians! My name is Mako and I'm brand new (sort of)! I know some of you already, but I figured I'd introduce myself to everyone at large. I attempted to play Mitsuru here last year and it didn't work out at the time. Hopefully, this time it'll be better.

I am bringing you the beautiful and elegant Mitsuru Kirijo from the Persona game series! She's from the end of P4 Arena, which means she's rocking a catsuit and a fur coat because baby has no fashion sense. But she looks damn good anyway!

Um, I'm pretty open about plotting things and can usually be found on plurk at [plurk.com profile] makochanAnyway, I am excited for this. I'll be posting her intro in a few minutes and I look forward to playing with all of you!
04 September 2017 @ 07:44 pm
Hello everyone! My name is Sly, I'm male and from New York, and currently in college. I've done small RP in the past, but I've never used LJ or DW and I've never been in an RP game like this before. Meido (who plays Gale, Mobius, Alucard, and Kazuya) has talked about Genessia nonstop since I've met her, and she whittled me down at last I became interested in trying it out! My contact info is here.

I'm a huge fan of Sly Cooper - could you tell from my name? - so when I thought of coming in, I wanted to bring in one of those characters. Allow me to introduce you to Penelope, one of my favorite characters from the series: a brilliantly-smart thief who specializes in RC vehicles and has a mischievous streak. I've put some basic info about her character and personality on this blog's page.

I'll be posting Penelope's intro sometime soon, probably tonight or tomorrow. This is all brand-new to me, so please go easy on me ;; - Sly
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04 September 2017 @ 01:38 pm
Hey everybody. My name's Raz, and I'm a newcomer to this game. I'll be playing Metal Man from Archie Comics' Mega Man series. He's a killer robot! But otherwise a nice guy. You know, when he's not being made to help take over the world and everything.

I look forward to playing with all of you! If you need to contact me for anything, just go here.
02 September 2017 @ 08:22 pm
Hi! Beth here.... Just letting you know that I changed Martha's journal name.
29 August 2017 @ 07:34 am
 So! I did a thing...

Actually, I flew to visit my parents in Turkey and discovered an unplanned lack of computer. I can still use my phone to read up on posts (when I'm not a tourist zombie) but tagging is not a quick process on a cheap smartphone. Thus, hiatus until at least next week!

28 August 2017 @ 09:33 pm
With my head being the way it is, and my RL situation just being... what it is, I find myself needing to lighten the RP load, as it were. And, as much as I love Diablo and that universe, I've just not been able to find meaningful things to do with Diablo or Xul and as such they will be returning to the Eternal Conflict in their own universes. That's not to say they won't be back at some point, but for now, they're going away.
28 August 2017 @ 12:58 am
Hey there, it's Emily aka Garrus, Colette, Spock, and Jacques. I just want to apologize for vanishing from game for so long without warning - it wasn't my intent, I swear. I took summer classes and they got super intense and I just didn't have any energy for tags. I'm going to try my damnedest to get back into the swing of things even though the fall semester starts tomorrow oops and I have a few things planned to help me with that. I also dropped a ton of threads so sorry but I just had too many that were old/weren't really going anywhere/I had zero inspiration for. Nothing against you, just trying to manage my time on the more important ones and make time for newer things.

Sorry again!
26 August 2017 @ 08:38 am
y halo thar

Hi folks, it's the panther here. I've got an old muse I'm bringing to a new game - Shinjiro Aragaki from Persona 3. He's everyone's favorite grumpy hobo, and if anyone has any questions about him or anything I can be reached at [plurk.com profile] panther3751 and by PM/direct message on DW here.

I seem to know a few of you folks already (and I blame you two for enabling me here) but I'm always eager to meet new people and get sucked into new media via awesome RP characters.

So, hello! :D

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26 August 2017 @ 03:39 am


*super excited*

I haven't been in a big game in YEARS, but I'm really happy to be here!


Larx, probably not so much, but whatever she's going to have to deal.

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26 August 2017 @ 12:44 am
Well, +0, really, or, +1/12. Depends on your angle.

Anyhow, hi, I'm Paul, bringing this dork who will probably be climbing the walls in about five minutes, but hopefully we can find something to keep him busy and/or somewhere for him to run around to...