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To add a SUBARCHWAY or REQUEST A NEW LOCATION, click here for instructions!

The following pages are a semi-comprehensive list of the game's various settings. If your character has chosen to make a sacrifice and wishes to expand one of the four adjacent cities, or taken up residence in one of the apartments, or maintains a business, etc., please leave a comment describing the change to any of the map areas be noted, and it will be added to the setting description where appropriate. If you would like to see a public location added, feel free to make a request. If you would like to have your character open a business, please head over to the EMPLOYMENT PAGE.


Starting Point
Characters new to the city awaken within The Bay, with a vague sense of having slept for too long and the grogginess that typically accompanies such a thing, lying in a slightly-tilted cocoon of silver metal lined with silk and soft padding. The entire Bay is covered in about two inches of clear water, with multiple white lights throughout that dimly illuminate the enormous domed cavern of dark gray stone. There are twelve archways that all lead to the city outside. A simple white box lies on the character's chest, containing the essentials: a jeweled necklace of gold and opalescent stones (with one particular color more prominent than the others to identify which city the character may expand if they so choose), what appears to be a smart phone, a key, and a pamphlet. The pamphlet's cover states simply: 'Welcome to Genessia'. All of these items are crafted to the appropriate size for the new character. The Bay is located at the very heart of the city.

The pamphlet first explains the smart phone, explaining it as a cross-city communication device, with easy instructions about how to communicate via text, audio, and/or video, and how to transmit privately, and also encourages the character to give it a try once he or she leaves the Bay. The necklace, the pamphlet goes on to further explain, is required in order to pass from Genessia City to one of the other four cities, and should be worn at all times not only to allow this ease of transportation, but to identify the owner to others in the city as 'real'. The key has a room number on it, and an address on the same street characters enter out onto upon exiting the Bay and the words "Genessia Commonspace" on one side of the key. The last fold in the pamphlet has a thick manila folder, where several red bills are stacked and bound by a white ribbon. The pamphlet states that this is the main currency for Genessia City, in order to purchase room, board, and other necessities. It encourages the character to apply for a job in order to earn more if they so desire.

Just outside of every entrance to the Bay, new arrivals will find a magazine stand. The stand is stacked with brochures containing labeled maps of the primary city of Genessia. Next to the magazine rack is a rather high-tech looking stand that upon being approached, activates with the holographic projected image of a very well-dressed young woman with white hair and dressed in a jacket, a poofy dress, and wedge boots, those who are familiar with her may notice she looks a couple years older than they are used to. After a couple of seconds, she starts speaking:
"Hello, my name is Weiss Schnee, City Guardian of Nova City and a representative on behalf of my brother and Schnee Company, the company responsible for welcoming and travel services, to welcome you to the world Genessia. If you head to Schnee Company's Genessia division on Oak and 16th, we are happy to answer any and all questions you may have about this world that's within our knowledge to do so. There's a lot to go over, and many people stop listening just about now, so try to keep in mind that all of this information is still available to you when you go around complaining later that no one told you."

The hologram holds up her pendant- colored with red and a few flecks of green.

"Anyone who has a pendant like this one and the one you should've received upon waking up was also kidnapped. This world is called Genessia, the city you start in is Genessia City, and there are four other cities surrounding it: To the North is Nova City, to the East is Attleton, to the South is Fayren, and to the West is Everglade. Each city possesses its own unique traits and a brief summary of each city's technological level and general culture type is provided in the map brochures. You must have your pendant somewhere on you to pass from city to city.

The only known way home is out of our control, but before you start running off in a panic? You should know that this place is relatively safe most of the time and for some of you may be safer than your home world. Obviously, there's still crime and there's an impending threat outside of the barrier, but as long as that holds up and the elected City Guardians do their jobs well? You don't have to worry much. We'd appreciate it if you didn't make it your personal mission to change that, and advise those who think they are the "most powerful" of anything to understand that no, you're not, or you wouldn't have been kidnapped here by the spirits in the first place. We do have law enforcement here and most people frown upon murder, mayhem, and general destruction so we recommend against attempting to prove otherwise. Included in the umbrella of illegal activity is tampering with this device. Tampering with this device will execute a preventative protocol and you may be placed in temporary custody if any damage or alterations are made to the device or its programming.

We have has provided a map for you in the magazine rack to my left, as well as advertisements from local businesses run by fellow kidnapees within the city. While many residents still work to find a way home, it is important that you understand that it is entirely possible to live a normal life here and the community has many fun events to participate in, as well as multiple cities that you can access. Please be aware that each city is monitored by an elected City Guardian, their deputies, and local law enforcement under their supervision in order to ensure the safety of everyone within each cities' borders.

The items that have been provided for you in the pod you woke up in are not provided by Schnee Company but are still very important for you to keep with you. The red bills are currency used here provided as a starter amount. It is advised that you get a job and your own place to stay as the city's starter apartments leave much to be desired if you're looking for comfort, which Schnee Company is happy to help you find. If you are a child and are not of working age yet, please follow the thick, green line on the provided map to the Kusanagi and Haller Home for Children on 3rd and Dogwood to find a safe place to stay. If you would like more technical information about what we've discovered about this world's functions, please contact the Genessia Scientific Research Foundation or stop by the Foundation on Nettle and 27th. We do not provide paper brochures for this information in the Bay area because water and paper don't get along. For any further questions,
please contact Schnee Company or their CEO, Whitley Schnee.

If the hologram is tampered with, a strange gas will be released from the device. It seems to be a gas that knocks biological creatures unconscious. The device also calls law enforcement for destruction of property charges.

Would you like to add a new location to the game? Most locations can be handwaved, like if there's a Chinese food place your character goes to once or something for a one time thread, but if you want to add a specific location that your character may frequent or you need for various purposes, you can add it here! You can also open subarchways. It's easy! Reply to this post with the correct form:


If you are trying to open a character-run business, please reply to the employment page instead.


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Chie would like to give up the ability to eat beef and steak in order to recover part of Inaba. Though this is important to her (steak is her favorite food and she's pretty nuts about it), it's nothing so hugely sacrificial that she would be able to restore the whole town, so probably just the suburbia where she lives, the high school, and the Samegawa River. I wrote up the sample paragraph below!

'A rural Japanese town, though it's somewhat incomplete. The suburban houses are there, as is Yasogami High School, and the Samegawa River. But the shopping district, Junes store, and other outlying businesses seem to be missing, at least for the time being. The weather varies, though there's a certain nasty chill in the air whenever it gets foggy. The TV world is inaccessible at this time, even with a Persona.'

Though Chie does spend a lot of time here, she still chooses to rent an apartment in Genessia City. She lives in Holly Ridge, Room 203.
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Ice King really needs his crib back. SO he needs to open an Archway! Now, the WHOLE Ice Kingdom may be a little much - just his palace would suffice. This Archway really ought to be in Fayren I think. A little info on the place.

So Ice King's palace is basically a hollowed out mountain that is completely and utterly covered by ice.

To get this, the Ice King is ready to give up his most precious belonging: his entire compilation of his Fionna and Cake fan-fiction - this will likely mean he'll forget ever writing it, or wanting to bring the characters to life. Believe me when I say this: he wants to really bad in-canon.

He just really needs his pad. He's gotta bring those Princesses somewhere. :x
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So by the fact they haven't been deleted, but I just want to check, all the disappeared people's archways are still in effect?

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Fayren - The Cloister of Trials

A holy building, worn with age, on the outside of which stands an imposing statue of an angel with a scale in its hands. The souls of all who enter will be weighed.

Its exterior is the same for all who enter, but its interior is much different. Those who breach the massive stone doors will feel their hearts and minds probed, and what was hidden shall be laid bare. Large mountains, dense forests, Dank caves: all or none of these may await for those who are tested.

There are, naturally, many beasts which await. For those who brave the monsters without, they must contend with those within. All who finish these trials will be rewarded. Some with great truths, either about themselves or the world. Some with newfound strength, to overcome what awaits outside. But be warned; those who fail will have their reward as well. Some may be routed to a dark path, never to rise again.

Beware, for those who exit the Cloister of Trials will change. What shape that change will take is up to them.

Attleton - The Lowerarchy

Demons, Devils, and Tempters are never far from their hosts. True, some of them take physical form and wreak random violence. Others, however, prefer a more subtle approach.

In a dimension far removed and yet dreadfully near, there lies the Lowerarchy. The hellishness of workplace politics combined with the ruthlessness of making a sale. Or in this case, damning a soul. Those not actively seeking to bring their "clients" ever downward spend their leisure in endless autobiography. All serve their Father Below, who loves nothing so much as Himself. Guard your hearts should you come near this hell, lest they dine on your sinful soul.
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New Location in Fayren

[personal profile] celestial_wizard 2014-02-27 01:35 am (UTC)(link)
Fairy Haven
On the furthest edge of Fayren, down a road and over a small bridge in the wooded area is Fairy Haven, the newly build Guild and base of operations for the team of mages from Fiore. The building, built by Wily and his robots, is situated far enough from town that their shenanigans won't be disruptive.

The main part of the guild is the hall where people can go to make mission requests, and where the most activity occurs in the guild. It is also equipped with a storage room or two and a kitchen area. A door at the back of the hall opens into a rounded courtyard where sparring occurs, and is bracketed by a pair of dorm buildings; boys on the left, girls on the right. (Unless either gender is feeling daring). Currently there are three rooms total in each dorm, with room for expansion should more people join the guild.

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Old Man Tanner's Scrapyard: Naturally located in the technological epicentre that is Nova City, the Scrapyard is filled to the brim with scrap metal and old, broken-down components.

Some of these components can be salvaged at the hands of a particularly skilled technician, but to the layman it's all quite useless. The yard itself is located on the outer edge of the city, because all that rust and grime smells a little gross.
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Sunset Summit apartment 401 is now occupied by Temari, Gaara and Ishtar. But they might occupy apartment 402 as well if the people they expect will accept their 'housemate' invitation.

Lucifer/Kira lives in a mansion 2 blocks left of the Rabbit's Foot. There are lots of dead trees in his lawn. His gate makes an eerie and annoying sound when it is opened and has a crest in front with an 'L' engraved on it. The mansion is not too big, but it is old and close to falling apart. Lucifer is slowly transplanting a part of his angelic grace into the structure to keep it from falling apart and making it his own.

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[personal profile] vampirebrat 2014-06-02 04:01 am (UTC)(link)
Regency Apartment: 401
Inhabitant/s: Duzell
Other Possible Tenants: Ishtar and Falan
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[personal profile] xroyal_bratx 2014-06-02 04:04 am (UTC)(link)
Ishtar is staying here as well yes :|
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Kazuya will be giving up any and all memories regarding his grandfather - Jinpachi - in order to call in the G Corporation HQ.

A very tall corporate tower located in a bustling metropolis that hides more than simple offices and cubicles inside. The first few floors are very typical of a business setting. Floors five through nine are all dedicated to providing for the employees that would man the building. Gyms, spas, even a swimming pool all can be found in those floors. However the tenth through eightieth floors are all dedicated to genetic research, composed of laboratories, reference archives, and more. In the basement, there are even facilities capable of assembling robots. Atop it all, however, is a floor dedicated to a single sweeping office; Kazuya's personal office. The floor also houses a penthouse designed for Kazuya's use.
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[personal profile] devil_within 2014-06-18 12:07 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, also, this will be in Nova City. >.>
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Stone Ridge Apartment: 101
Inhabitant(s): Sergei Dragunov

If it's permissible, Dragunov will likely be replacing the carpeting with hardwood floors, as well as finding someone to maintain or replace the fitness equipment (as soon as he has the money to do so).
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[personal profile] greeedofgreen 2014-06-29 05:01 pm (UTC)(link)
Uva will be creating a sub-archway to the modern day Tokyo that he comes from.

Uva will also be giving up memories of the King that ordered his creation as payment for the sub-archway. He'd like to have it opened up in Fayren.

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Azula temporarily lives in Room 301 of the Regency.

Kurenai lives in one of the apartments in Attleton.
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[personal profile] xroyal_bratx 2014-08-09 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
Kurei is currently living with Kurenai in Room 301 Regenct
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[personal profile] tenminutes 2014-07-23 05:04 am (UTC)(link)

Are there any houses that characters can purchase and move into and if so where are they / what are they like?

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Grimmjow will give up memories of Di Roy to open a Sub-Archway to Hueco Mundo in Everglade. Specifcally the area with Las Noches.

Las Noches, Hueco Mundo: Is the world where Hollows live. It is located between the Human World and Soul Society. It is always night time there and its landscape is an seemingly endless desert. Las Noches in a massive fortress inside of this desert and it can be seen for miles. Inside of the dome around the forest, a night sky is simulated, giving the sky an apperance more like the human world.
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Luthor wants to open a sub-archway from Nova City to Metropolis, opening directly into the lobby of Lexcorp HQ. It doesn't have to contain the whole city (though that would be great), but the Lexcorp building at minimum and possibly the surrounding downtown area.

Since there are no Kryptonians around currently, Lex is willing to give up the knowledge of Kryptonite. If any show up, he can always dismiss the archway to regain the knowledge of their main weakness.

Metropolis, New York: The center of commerce on the US east coast. Metropolis is home to Lexcorp HQ as well as several more discreet R&D facilities. The Daily Planet is also located here.

Lexcorp is about as close to a true AAA Megacorp as you'll find outside the Cyberpunk genre, with interests and projects ranging from agriculture to space travel to consumer electronics. Some of Lexcorp's most notable advances on Earth-16--not all of which are public knowledge--are in the areas of cybernetics and biotechnology, including cyberlimbs visually all but indistinguishable from the real thing and complete human cloning. Lexcorp also notably engineered Earth-16's first practical infantry-sized laser weaponry.

The Lexcorp building itself contains a number of executive offices, as well as a few of Lexcorp's more PR-friendly project teams (anything actually secret is wisely kept in more discreet locations). The public is allowed on the lower floors for regular guided tours, where they can find displays dedicated to Lexcorp's history and some of its most popular product lines, both current and past.

The building has top-notch security, including a custom hardened desk in Lex's office capable of withstanding a direct hit from an RPG with little visible damage, and a secret room hidden behind a portrait of himself. Those with the proper clearance, namely Lex himself, can access details and schematics on all Lexcorp projects and products from here, though the truly top-secret are stored only in cipher, requiring one to know the code to make sense of them.

Edit: that turned out longer than I expected
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[personal profile] buriedtreasure 2014-07-27 12:02 am (UTC)(link)
Nanana is going to give up her memory of the location of an item in her collection that could solve her murder in order to open Nanae Island via Nova City. If it's alright, each of the dungeons/Nanana Collection artifacts may be found by characters in the game since they can provide quite the plot devices + drama + all sorts of fun stuff, especially if in the wrong hands. Nanana will have gone through and reset any traps/treasures that were recovered because frankly, she is a little shit and loves the idea of everyone going on life-or-death adventures to find the treasures together.

Nanae Island: Also known as the Special Student Zone, Nanae Island has 21 schools ranging from middle through college, with courses in just about anything you can think of. It's fully equipped with training facilities for all sorts of skills and state-of-the-art research facilities. It was created by the "Great 7," a group of young geniuses headed by Nanana Ryuugajou, to offer to support to any ambitious students so that they could follow any dream they wish provided that enough profits from their research returned to the Island to keep it running. It was originally funded by Nanana's treasure expeditions. Before she died, each of the treasures were placed in heavily booby trapped dungeons. These potentially deadly dungeons contain portions of the Nanana Collection, a part of Nanana's Buried Treasure. Trillions of dollars and special artifacts with powers are hidden across the island for aspiring treasure hunters to find-- at least, if they're willing to face the danger. Some picture references.
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Fluttershy lives at Sunset Summit at 205 if that is okay. (I'll be doing my other characters eventually once I figure out where they'll be living.)
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[personal profile] miniczar 2014-08-09 10:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Brock - Sunset Summit 101

Rekka Hanabishi - Stone Ridge 203

Zelman Clock | He is willing to give up his knowledge regarding the Kowloon Children, a dangerous and infectious breed of vampire in his world.
The Coven: Is a large luxurious mansion that has multiple stores. Decorating outside of the building are juniper plants carefully planted in an artistic and symmetrical fashion. Within its large walls are appropriately decorated interior pieces such as stone statues, chandeliers, and so on. Luscious red strips of carpet line the middle of the wide halls completed with mahogany french doors for that classic rich feel. Originally meant to house numerous vampires whom were part of Zelman's affiliate house. The Coven is notorious for defying the conventions of both the Special Zone and The Order Coffin Company. Often such things as organized crimes, and other illegal activities have been carried out through his house.
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[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2014-08-10 05:45 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi would like to open a sub archway. In Fayren. Specifically somewhere in the Underground Waterways if possible. Koishi has very very little to give but she's willing to give up the memories of her mother before she left home with her sister so they can have their home back.

Old Hell/Chireiden
Hidden in the underground waterway is the archway to The Palace of the Earth Spirits. It is a massive three story building consisting of a strange mix of Gothic and Russian architecture. It towers above the sprawling expanse of a well tended garden filled with a wide variety of plants as well as animals kept as pets. It is illuminated by a large number of spherical lamps on metal posts, each one giving off a good bit of light and heat. The inside is well kept and just as impressive as the exterior and is filled with massive frescos inlaid with gold and ivory with marble floors and furniture made of velvet and rich, polished wood. It is lit by similar lights as the exterior as well as the faceted multicolored glow that filtered though the many stained glass windows. Its grandeur only marred by the many holes bored through the various walls, ceilings, and floors to make room for rumbling steam pipes of various sizes as well as a variety of draping electrical cables.

About a kilometer and a half away sits the furnaces of old hell; a ring of eight massive domes forged of an unearthly reddish metal, the visible sections of each easily twenty meters in diameter and sitting a half kilometer apart from each other. Each one leads to an underground smallish fusion reactor which then connects further down to a main central chamber of immense size.

A kilometer in the opposite direction, across a beautiful red-painted wooden bridge, stands a massive Japanese styled city filled with oni perpetually engaging in some form of festivity where one can purchase fine meats and good alcohol, though the risk posed by the oni's presence is significant.

Beyond these landmarks is simply a seemingly endless expanse of unbroken, unexplored blackness. Beyond that lies the molten pit to the hell of blazing fires, unapproachable due to the extreme heat.
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[Primum Pharmaceuticals]

[personal profile] primumsanguis 2014-08-27 02:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Kaname has rented a floor in one of the buildings in Nova City. It would serve as a laboratory for creating blood tablets. It is full of current medical equipment for extraction and purification of blood. One room serves as a receiving area for donors. A separate room is offered to those who plan to purchase blood tablets. There's also a worker's lounge where people who work in the facility can rest and chat with co-workers.
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Sand Gym

[personal profile] tessenjounin 2014-08-28 02:18 pm (UTC)(link)
[Location] Genessia City
[Street] Aspen Avenue and 11th Street
[What] A Gym with the most basic equipment, which will be updated as time goes by.
[Owner] Temari
[Instructor/s] Temari
[Fees] A day pass on the gym is worth 1/4 of a "*" daily salary. A monthly pass is worth 1/12th of a "*" monthly salary. No membership fees.
[Hours] 5 am to 8 am, then it closes. It opens again at 5 pm to 10 pm. Closed every Wednesdays.
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Guild - Tartarus

[personal profile] deathsought 2014-10-07 05:28 pm (UTC)(link)
City: Everglade
Headquarters Location: City catacombs; Accessible from the Lowerarchy's basement.
What: As there is no Magic Council or equivalent in Genessia, it's officially listed as a 'guild,' much like Fairy Tail; therefore, the designation of 'Dark Guild' is rather irrelevant. Requests for the guild can be left with the Lowerarchy's innkeeper, but there's no guarantee they will be accepted. Prospective clients will never be referred to the guild headquarters by the innkeeper.
Owner/Leader: E.N.D. (de jure), Marde Guille (de facto)
- Marde Guille
- Sayla
- Silver Fullbuster
- Zeref (unofficially affiliated)
- Suigintou (not affiliated with the guild)

Headquarters Description

Accessible from the Lowerarchy's basement, the guild headquarters, while not nearly as extravagant as Cube, was constructed by the Celestial Spirit Virgo as a favor to Zeref. It is a series of furnished catacombs beneath the the city, isolated via magic from the rest of the city's subterranean systems, with light being provided mostly by candles, lanterns, and 'magical' lights powered by Curse Power. The walls, entrance, and internal corridors have been enchanted by Zeref's magic, allowing them to be manipulated by Marde Guille's 'Alegria' curse as a defensive countermeasure to attempts to invade.

Tartarus chose the location of their base of operations as a way to 'hide in plain sight,' using the demonic presence of the Lowerarchy to mask their own presence.
deathsought: (pic#6230239)

[personal profile] deathsought 2016-03-19 07:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Marde Guille and Silver Fullbuster are no longer in the game, and Tartaros as a guild is only really reduced to one member, so it can be taken off of businesses. They still live in the old guild headquarters, though now the entranceway is full of petrified monsters leftover from Kefka's invasion.
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[personal profile] what_is_a_man 2014-10-25 04:43 pm (UTC)(link)
Dracula will be offering up his Medusa souls in order to open a gate in Everglade to Castlevania. Description as follows:


Built on a cliff and surrounded on three sides by a lake far below the castle, the dread castle of Dracula looms, seemingly constantly silhouetted against the moon. There is only one path into the castle, and framed on both sides by dense forest, where light refuses to linger. Beyond the drawbridge that serves as an entrance, is a courtyard. Vast, open, and desolate. There are a couple of fountains but are falling apart and have run dry long ago, drawing the eye to the entrance of the castle proper. Within the castle itself, one can find many distinct areas. A vast library that takes up several stories with shelf upon shelf of books, a chapel with an uncharacteristic calm and reverence to it, an alchemy laboratory that houses practically any kind of chemical and beaker an alchemist could need, and so on. However, the Castle itself is a part of the soul of its lord, and to mirror that, the layout of the castle is never the same two times in a row.

The castle is home to a plethora of creatures that many would call simple myth. Minotaur, werewolves, harpies, and all manner of ghost, spirit and undead walk the halls, accompanied by the odd abomination or demon.

At the peak of the castle lays the two things that ever remain constant about the chaotic castle. The clock tower, situated at the exact center of the castle, is just that. There are no maintenance ladders or other accommodations, and the only way to scale the tower is to climb among the constantly moving and grinding gears. However, should someone manage the treacherous climb, they will be greeted by a lonely stairway leading up to the throne room. However, for the truly adventurous, beyond the throne they will find a magic circle that once entered will transport them to the castle's twin floating inverted in the clouds overhead.

Within the inverted castle, the traps and denizens are significantly more powerful, and house some of Dracula's most powerful allies and servants.

Enter Castlevania at your own peril. For in the land where light refuses to tread, no man can say what may be lurking around the corner.

[I'm basing this primarily on the castle from Symphony of the Night, and all the enemies - minus Death, Medusa, and the Medusa Heads - are available for NPC interactions, etc. Dracula himself resides in the heart of the inverted castle, where his power is the greatest, and is the hardest to reach by outsiders.]

[Reference picture: ]
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[personal profile] lookprofessor 2014-12-14 01:11 am (UTC)(link)
Hi somehow I never did this.

Spirit Albarn lives in the Garden Park apartments, in 108. I imagine it's down the hall from Maka, Soul and Kid. Franken Stein is living with him as well.

And then Luke here lives in the Matisse. It's just him. I don't care what apartment number =)
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[personal profile] whiteas 2014-12-19 05:47 am (UTC)(link)
Team RWBY is purchasing a House! This house specifically on Dogwood & 28th. They have also done a couple of bounties before to save up money and between the 4 of them, they make enough money for the house. Residents are Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, and Yang Xiao Long.

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