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[Pokemon Event End]


It's time again to say goodbye to your Pokemon. They were with you for a shorter time this go round, but surely you still managed to make lasting friendships with them. Characters will receive a message on their device saying that their Pokemon will be departing in 10 hours. They can make the most of that time.

So, unlike last time, everyone gets to keep three Pokemon. But maybe you don't have the Pokemon you want and someone else does? Well here on this post, you can trade. There will be two threads below. One for Trading and one for Claiming. There will be a form for each. If your character is trading a Pokemon, make sure both players acknowledge it in the Trading Thread.

Trading must be a two way street.
If you are getting a Pokemon from someone you have to give one as well. You can't just give one and receive nothing in return.

Don't post to the Claiming thread until you have finalized your list. You are given until the end of April to post to the claiming thread. After that, you are no longer allowed to claim any Pokemon from this event. Failure to post to the thread by the end date will mean your character didn't keep any. So post ASAP.

Be sure to list the Pokemon's level as well. Any Pokemon received from the egg must be between level 1 and 41.

Any Pokemon caught in the wild must be between level 1 and 45.

Any Pokemon received in the paper must be between level 1 and 24.

Pokemon Trading Form

Pokemon Claim Form

Link to the event post: Event Post
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[personal profile] starwing 2017-04-02 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name:
Pokemon Up For Trade:
[Mimikyu] [Level 17]

Link To Randomization Thread: Click here for limitless power

NOTE: This is a pre-arranged trade with Mariko trading Mimikyu for Koishi's Marill.
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[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2017-04-02 06:56 am (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Koishi Komeiji
Pokemon Up For Trade:
[Marill] [17]

Link To Randomization Thread:

This is a pre-arranged trade!