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Plot Suggestions & Submissions


Formerly the Plot Suggestion post this is now the Plot Suggestion and Submission post. Got an idea for a plot or event? Want to submit an idea for a Plot, Event or Charm Quest? Well you can do that here. To submit a Plot, Event or Charm Quest for mod approval, fill out the form below. If you would like to suggest a plot to the mods, you can fill out the form as well and just fill in the necessary information.

Plots can be rejected or denied for reasons such as it being too close to another plot, there is already another plot coming up, too many repeated plots similar to it, or if the moderators have concerns regarding some function or feature of the plot. Instead of being denied, some plots may simply be rescheduled or postponed for similar reasons.

Failure to submit a plot to this post if it meets the following requirements will result in the plot being automatically rejected. Mod approval
required for any plots containing the following:

-Anything involving the public or citizens of any Archway.
-Anything involving an entire Archway.
-Anything where a character publicly breaks the law or would have attention called to the crime they committed.
-Anything that causes destruction to a large area.
-Anything that involves the death of multiple characters.
-If contains sensitive topics / would need a content warning.

Mod approval
required for the following:

-Plots between a small group of characters that doesn’t affect or have repercussions to the cities or public.
-Parties, gatherings and innocuous events. However, communication with the mods is appreciated so there isn’t any plot or event overlap.

And even with Mod approval, the Guardian of the city where it is taking place should also be contacted. If you are unsure if what you want to do falls into the realm of needing approval or not, feel free to contact the mods and ask.

Any plot submitted should be at least two weeks ahead of time to make sure there is time to review. And remember that IC actions = IC consequences.

Plot Form

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