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Looking for the F.A.Q.? It's moved here!

Respect. Genessia as a game is intended to be a fun place for people to play. It is not intended as a place for people to feel disrespected, oppressed, or otherwise discriminated against. Please treat all players with respect and please conduct yourself respectfully toward all individuals and groups. Usage of any derogatory language or behavior will result in a warning with an explanation of the behavior and why it's unacceptable. (We do understand that some people just haven't realized that something is offensive on occasion.) A secondary offense will result in removal from the game.

No Wank. This cannot be stressed enough, as it is the number one killer of fun and drive in RP games. If you are found to be harassing, belittling, or intentionally inciting people against someone, you will be removed from the game. Should you have a problem with another player, we recommend taking a deep breath and stepping away from the computer. Do not engage other players while you are angry. When you have had a moment to compose yourself, contact the player and explain your side in a non-accusatory manner and offer constructive criticisms that provide examples of alternate behaviors that may fix the problem. Please contact a moderator if this does not work or the problem is much more serious than can be fixed by talking it out.

No Playercest/Muncest. You should never be playing with yourself in the game. Your characters may be aware of each others' existence, but should not need to interact with each other. This applies to both characters from the same series and any characters that a player might play. For playable characters, players may play up to three characters from the same series, but those characters should have minimal on-screen contact with no romances/ships and the characters should not be heavily dependent on each others' backgrounds, past or present.

Character Limit. You may play up to 6 characters without any restrictions. If you are active with all 6 characters, you have the option to play a 7th if at least one of those characters is an antagonist. At least two characters must be antagonists to play an 8th. At this time, the maximum number of allowed characters is 8 characters.

Fourth-Walling. You MUST have a player's permission before applying fourth-wall knowledge of that person's character, even if your character has heard of the other character in-canon. If you need an IC reason to prevent IC fourth-walling from happening, the character may find his or her memories fuzzy when they try to think about the matter too hard.

Godmodding/Infomodding. The only character whose actions you control are the characters that you play. You cannot control the reactions of another character and it is up to the other player to choose how their character responds to yours. You do not get to choose whether another character likes or dislikes your character and though you may try to plot with another player to generate positive or negative CR, the other player ultimately has the right to say yes or no to your request.

Additionally, all actions have consequences. If your character taunts someone, then yes, that character reserves the right to come banging on your character's door. It is up to you to discuss how the result of such a confrontation goes with the player of the other character, but you cannot deny that your character is ever confronted about anything. If you are refusing to accept that actions have consequences, it may be reported to the moderators. This also includes if your character causes massive damage in the game or breaks the law openly- they cannot mysteriously be ignored by law enforcement just because you don't want them to get caught. Please plot with the players of city guardians and bounty hunters if your character is openly breaking the law.

No characters are granted the gift of omniscience or omnipotence in this game, even if they may have it in canon. It is the one power restriction we have in this game. Because of this, you may not assume your character knows information that they shouldn't. This includes game information that they have not ICly encountered, information about other characters, or information provided within brackets/prose during the course of a thread. This INCLUDES telepathic characters! Information written outside of dialogue does not automatically constitute direct thoughts of a character. If you assume as much, you are infomodding and it may be reported to the moderators. Ask permission from players every time your character tries to read another character's mind.

Lastly, just because you believe your character is super powerful in their canon does not automatically make them more powerful than characters from another canon. Do not assume your character will automatically win every fight they have except against other characters from their canon. If you do not at least consider other characters when engaging in a fight and discuss based on canonical abilities and developed skills, strategies, and tools within the game, this is considered god-modding.

For players who like to host events centered around heavily superpowered characters, you cannot just say that there is no way for other characters to win unless everyone in the plot agrees to such. First of all, you don't know the capabilities of everyone in the game so you have no right to assume. Second of all, just because a character doesn't have matching superpowers doesn't mean that they cannot find other ways to defeat your character through intellectual strategy, teamwork, tools not available in your character's canon, or other capability. That said, heroes do not automatically have the right to win all scenarios so guess what the keys here are? Communication and cooperation! Good or bad, your character should never be assumed to always win.

Levels of Inference. Please refer to this post for information about what is acceptable to infer about a character.

Activity. Activity check-ins are held in January, April, and August 15th-September 15th. The check-ins last for one month. To pass, comment with your name and the list of characters you still intend to play. Hiatuses will be taken into consideration because that's an entire month just to comment and say you still want to play. City Guardians are expected to be more active, so you will actually need to play that character in that role in order to keep that job. If not, the spirits will fire you and open the job to any other characters who might be interested. If you have little to no activity within an ACI period, you may be put on a temporary activity check regimen with set comment requirements. If you do not pass this comment check you may be dropped from the game without discussion. (Keep in mind, this is after 4 months of being inactive- a time period you would be dropped from automatically without discussion in any other game.) More information about character squatting prevention comments here.

How's My Driving? HMD memes will be posted the month before an activity check. Posting to the HMD is recommended, but not mandatory. Criticism should be helpful, not malicious. If you have no improvements to suggest, blatant love and gush are certainly welcome just to let someone know they're doing a good job but is always better with qualitative examples. If you have a problem with something someone said on the HMD, please contact a moderator to have it reviewed and have the appropriate action taken.

Adult Content. It's allowed, but please indicate the appropriate warnings, as well as marking it 'adult content' in the posting options. Use content warnings for anything that could be considered above PG level. It can be uncomfortable for players whose characters are forced to deal with the aftermath of very dark issues they should not be forced to deal with. If you are posting anything that could be considered adult content, please put the post under a cut as well to avoid forcing anyone to accidentally see something as well as respecting those of us who RP from work or public locations.

Original Characters. Yes! Original characters and fandom OCs are allowed in this game. Please be sure to take a look at what restrictions do exist within the game before bringing anyone in.

Canon VS OOC Behavior. Characters are expected to be played as close to canon as possible. This isn't a hard and fast rule, and we do allow room for leeway and personal interpretation, unless the character's actions and personality directly contradict canon. It should be noted that fanon abilities are not protected by headcanon rules. If your character cannot do something in canon, unless it is a learnable skill that they have spent in-game time to learn, they cannot do it in the game. If a character is doing something like this, it may be brought to a moderator and moderators reserve the right to request a list of canon abilities with cited examples from the series. If you cannot provide a canon example of an ability your character has and you cannot prove they learned the skill in-game, you will be banned from having your character use that ability. If you are found to be using it regardless, your character will be dropped from the game.

CR From Other Games. For the time being, we do allow you to apply for characters and retain CR from a previous game ("CRAU"), so long as the previous game was canon-based and not an AU. Powers gained from these games that have no canon basis do not transfer, though learned skills (knowledge-based) may. IC behavior is still expected no matter what the previous CR might have been. Characters may only enter the game as a single-CRAU, but may apply for additional memories from other games after establishing themselves in-game via in-game mechanics. (More information.)

Hiatuses. Real life rears its ugly head sometimes, we understand. Take a break if you need to. If you're going to be gone for less than a week, you do not need to post any sort of notice. If you expect to be gone for a week or more, then you should post something to the hiatus board as a point of courtesy for other players who may be depending on you. Hiatuses cannot be longer than two months, and cannot be used to skip the activity check-ins should someone decide to take up an inactive character. The activity check-ins last an entire month and are the same time periods every year, you have plenty of time to comment them.

Player Plots. Genessia is heavily driven by both mod and player plots and while most don't require approval, please be sure to double check the Plot Suggestions and Submissions post to see if your plot needs mod approval before you get started or not. Thank you!

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