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NOTE: If you want to start your journey on this post, you need to have a top-level posted by the 11:59pm PST on 8/14/2015. If you do not reply by then, you will need to start your character's journey on the second week's post. If you still have actions left, they will still be replied to until all 10 actions are complete or your week's journey is ended by a complete party knock out or your choice.

The Pokemon event has started! How do you progress? Well, you can naturally RP with other characters, go on adventures, do whatever you want with your Pokemon throughout the month. For finding Pokemon-related items, catching Pokemon, and levelling, however, you're going to want to reply to this post under the correct day with a couple of things for each listed day's thread:

1. Your Character's name.
2. A list of your character's Pokemon, their levels, and their current attacks.
3. A list of any leftover Pokemon-related items your character currently has (carried over from the previous day).
4. Anything you want to note that your character would want to do today, including what archway they are doing it in.

The comment should look roughly like this:
Weiss Schnee
Level 5 Torchic ♀ - Scratch (Normal), Growl (normal)
Level 82 Charizard ♂ - Slash (Normal), Flame Burst (Fire), Heat Wave (Fire), Fire Spin (Fire)

Carrying over 3 Pokeballs, 2 Ultra Balls. Torchic is in the lead so that he can level up, with Char as back-up ass kicker. Training only, no catching. They are strictly training in Everglade today!!
Easy peasy. After that, a moderator will reply with a series of events that were decided via RNG! Your character may find items, encounter Pokemon, random challenges from trainers, or more. Each reply to a moderator can be met with further action and when you have decided your character is done for the day, you will have the option to trade any leftover Pokeballs to exchange for Rare Candies or save them for the next day. Pokeballs DO roll over! Have questions about the event? Read this post, then comment here if your question still isn't answered!

And your mod likes to keep things simple and clean.
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Level 5 Ralts ♂- growl (normal)
Level 5 Bulbasaur ♂- tackle (normal), growl (normal)

Koishi has 5 pokeballs. Ralts is in the lead because he needs levels (also, cuddles) and bulbasaur is ready to switch in if need be.

Koishi is currently in Old Hell (Fayren subarchway) near the icy shores of the glowing lake, looking for shallow water eels to take home to cook. She'll probably just battle against any pokemon she finds (unless she decides she wants it. Depends on what she finds. :P)
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Yes Lets place it on Ralts.

Lets fight! Swap out to Bulbasaur once Ralts gets low.
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Praise them lots with pets and kisses because they did such a good job!

If possible i'd like to trade in two balls for two candies (one for each) before the koiball does the resting/proceeding thing.

Koishi moves though the unexplored blackness toward the Oni City to hang out on the bridge people no longer cross. they just fly over it instead!

Ralts is still in the lead. And Koishi may or may not be wearing her happy little bulbasaur as a hat.
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Alright let's train some more! :D

Same thing. stick with ralts till he gets low and then swap! Let's try to catch this one!
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