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[Event Post]

From March 22nd - March 31st

Dun-da-da-duuuun! You asked for it, you’re getting it! Due to popular demand we are having one more Pokemon event! This event is much simpler than the last couple of Pokemon events and has a very different vibe to it. This one is going to be a much shorter event and will be a lot more free-form with opportunities for both items and charms! There are no points, no step-by-step events dictated by mods, and it should be a nice stress-free event for all involved.

Every character received their egg last week right? The event starts off with that egg hatching into a Pokemon! Unlike the previous events, these are not strictly limited to starters. More information on that will be listed below, but your character and their Pokemon team will be able to participate in an event log with a variety of Poke-activities, Pokemon-specific bounties, or just chill and work out at the gym or tan on the beach-- whatever your thing is.

Obviously there are some things we have to go over first, so let’s hop to it…

So my character will get Pokeballs and can go around catching Pokemon?

Yes and no. This event won’t be entirely handled that way. We will randomize you a list of Pokemon when you respond to the thread below. You can select 1 or 2 pokemon from that list for them to start with, and the rest you can have them catch. But their level range if they are encountered in the wild will be 1-5. So there won’t be a lot of roaming around.

In addition, you can select the type of Pokeballs that your character will catch them with. None of them will have their special in game properties, but they can be in different kinds instead of just the plain old Red and White Pokeball. However, please don’t assume your character got all Master Balls or anything ridiculous like that. Please play responsibly and fairly.

How many Pokemon does my character get?

All characters will receive 10 Pokemon for the event. They all received one large egg prior to this. When you receive your randomized Pokemon, the egg has hatched. If you reply late to the thread where you are issued your pokemon, you are free to say that your character’s pokemon hatched late. All Pokemon will be in their first form and start at level 1. If they have a Baby form, it is up to you if you’d like them to start there instead.

I didn’t get the Pokemon I wanted. Can I have a reroll?

We allow rerolls, however, you can only reroll 2 Pokemon total. If you want to reroll 2, just let us know which ones you would like to reroll and we will give you 2 new ones. But you can only do this once, so if you aren't satisfied with the 2 that you get out of the reroll, then there is nothing that can be done about it.

Does my character get to keep their Pokemon once the event ends?

Yes, but only 3. When the event ends, you select three Pokemon that you’d like for your character to keep, and when the others leave, those three will stay.

Can Pokemon be traded?

Pokemon can only be traded after the event ends. If someone has a Pokemon that you one and they have one that you want, a trade needs to be arranged so the swap can be made on the end event post.

So what Pokemon can my character receive in the randomization?

Characters can receive any Pokemon when their list is randomized whether they are Legendary or not, except for 4. Articuno, Mew, Mewtwo (He’s an actual character here) and Moltres can’t be received by anyone, as they already exist within Genessia. No duplicate Legendaries are allowed to exist in the game. This means if someone rolls a legendary during this event, then they will be added to the ‘no catch’ list for other characters. Another note, if you have 2 of your Pokemon rerolled (which we stated that you can do above), the reroll will never be a legendary Pokemon.

So how do my Pokemon gain levels?

Your character can go around battling against trainers and fighting wild Pokemon. If you’ve played Pokemon before, you know how this goes.

So my character can level up their Pokemon as much as I want?

No. You can level up to 4 times per day if your character would be the type to drop the everything else in their life and just grind Pokemon. However, if they would not, please do not say your hardworking character with 3 jobs leveled 4 times with every Pokemon they own. Be realistic and use your critical thinking skills to decide what’s reasonable for your character’s lifestyle.

How will my character keep track of their Pokemon’s progress?

When your character receives their Pokemon, they will also receive a message on their device. The message is to come to the Pokemon Center to pick up their PokeBit. The PokeBit is like a FitBit, except it tracks the progress of their Pokemon. They will look something along the lines of this and this. However, the color of it is up to you. And characters that might not have traditional physiology like a human will get a modified version that they can attach to them.

Only Pokemon that they obtain during this event will be registered on this device. These devices will also have to be scanned when entering events that give out prizes, as you can only use Pokemon obtained during the event to compete in them.

Okay, so Pokemon has things like Evolution Stones, Mega Stones, TMs and Z-Crystals. How does my character go about getting them?

Okay. Regular Evolutions Stones are not needed for this plot. If you end up with a Pokemon like lets say, Eevee, you can have them evolve to any of their forms without the use of a stone. Mega Stones, you are allowed to pick 1 after you receive your Pokemon. But only if your characters gets a Pokemon that can Mega evolve. You can also select 1 T M for your character to receive as well. Z-Crystals will be given as rewards.

What about other items like revives, potions, ect?

There will be a Pokemon Center in the center of each city. They will appear suddenly and any character is allowed to use them. There they can buy items, food and heal their Pokemon. However, fighting and acts of aggression are not permitted inside of the Pokemon Center. Consequences await those that fail to adhere to this rule.

Okay, so what sort of things can my Character do?

There will be a post placed up on the main community. In each city, there will be an event or something specific to that city that characters are allowed to participate in. Rewards are given for participating or winning a specific event, however only one reward can be claimed per character. There will be more information on them on the post.

The way this is being done is different than the previous events. Is there a reason why?

Yes. We are going to be straight with you and tell you the truth. The way it was done before was exhausting for the mods and our helper-volunteers. The process was so involved and required so much time and effort, that post one comment to ten threads could take 30 minutes if not more. Not to mention comments were still being made long after the event officially ended.

So, we feel that this way, a large weight is taken off of us while still allowing everyone else to experience a Pokemon plot in addition to a new, more free-style event that will hopefully be more enjoyable for everyone. Because, as it stood, we hadn’t planned to do another one because of how time consuming it was.

What if I want to ask a question that isn’t addressed here?

There will be a section below for plot related questions. Post any that you have there and we will answer them.

As of 12:00AM EST 3/30/2017, no new Pokemon Randomization can be done. If you still have re-rolls, you can use those. But that is all.

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Re: Randomization

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Koishi! And if at all possible I'd not like any repeats. I have her current 'mons in her profile.

Fingers crossed for Mesprit!
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Can Durant and Corphish get rerolled? Koishi would try to eat the latter...