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This is the last Pokemon post! If you haven't gotten here yet, don't worry. This post is going up in a timely manner so that those who are ready and finished with post two can just head here right after. Still on the first post? That's okay too. The Part II post is still open to anyone who replied to the Part I post. Consider it your "ticket" to the second post. At this point, if you haven't replied to any Pokemon post, you will need to start here on the final post.

There are a couple of differences on this post compared to the last two:
    1. If you are just getting started, note that you are new to the event in your subject line and your level range will be level 5-20.
    2. The level range for this post for everyone else is 20-45, the only exceptions being if you are RNG'd an "overkill level" Pokemon (3/100 chance).
    3. Instead of 5 handwaved levels, you can claim up to 25 handwaved levels for Pokemon in your character's party. (10 for the third week, 15 for the fourth week.) Make sure to consider the same rule as before that if your character is the type of person who would rather sit on the couch all day than actively train their Pokemon, they shouldn't be maxing out their handwaved levels. Keep it IC, and it's ultimately your call. Pokemon not in your character's party can only gain up to 12 levels via handwaving.
    4. Everyone will get 20 actions (10 for week 3, 10 for week 4.)
    5. Everyone will get 10 Balls. (5 for week 3, 5 for week 4.)
    6. Up to 4 Pokemon caught off post (2 for week 3, 2 for week 4.) These Pokemon do not count for points.
    7. You will want to include a list of any items you want to trade! Remember: Your character can keep 1 Pokemon with no requirements. In order to keep any other Pokemon, your character must have both an Everstone and an item relating to the Pokemon OR breed the Pokemon and keep the egg(s). (Pokemon cannot be in your party for 7 actions while breeding.) Eggs will hatch after the event ends. If you are breeding Pokemon, please reply to this post to make note of it so that we can tell you how many eggs you get / what Pokemon they will hatch into!
Now that you know what's happening for this post, here's the information you need to include in your initial reply to this post:

1. Your Character's name.
2. A list of your character's Pokemon, their levels, and their current attacks at the end of the last post.
3. A list of any leftover items your character currently has (carried over from the previous day).
4. Which archway your character is in.
5. Any off-post Pokemon captures or leveling. (Details about the rules for this here)

The comment should look roughly like this:
Bob Dove's Party
Level 17 Tranquill ♂ - Gust (Flying), Leer (Normal), Quick Attack (Normal), Air Cutter (Flying)
Level 13 Butterfree ♀ - Poisonpowder (Poison), Stun Spore (Grass), Sleep Powder (Grass), Confusion (Psychic)
Level 15 Jigglypuff ♂ - Pound (Normal), Sweet Kiss (Fairy), Disarming Voice (Fairy), Disable (Normal)
Level 16 Frogadier ♂ - Bubble (Water), Quick Attack (Normal), Lick (Ghost), Water Pulse (Water)
Level 15 Nuzleaf ♀ - Bide (Normal), Harden (Normal), Growth (Normal), Nature Power (Normal)
Level 14 Miltank ♀ - Tackle (Normal), Stomp (Normal), Growl (Normal), Milk Drink (Normal)

Not in Party
Level 16 Whirlipede ♂ - Poison Sting (Poison), Defense Curl (Normal), Pursuit (Dark), Protect (Normal)

Items: 1 Dusk Stone, 1 Ultra Ball, 2 Everstones, 1 Moomoomilk, 1 Cyndaquil Doll. Anything above their level, he'll be switching her Pokemon out during the battle to evenly distribute experience. He'll be in Attleton, only catching if it's a bug type, and beating the crap out of everyone else! If all of his Pokemon are low on HP, head to the Pokemon Center. If they are all KO'd, use the Sacred Ash. Otherwise, keep going!

TRADING: IN NEED OF 1 MOON STONE! Will trade Dusk Stone, Cyndaquil Doll, red bills, Whirlipede, or some combination of those items. Willing to negotiate!


Off-post stuff: Leveling +25 for Tranquill, Frogadier, Miltank, and Jigglypuff. Will take 15 for the others in the party and 7 for Whirlipede. 1 catch! A Level 17 Stantler. (+10 Levels off-post, not into party.)
Easy peasy. After you reply, a moderator will reply with the levels and new pokemon you mentioned now added to your party, plus your Pokeballs for the week and start the RNG cycle. It will look like this:
Bob Dove's Party
Level 42 Unfezant ♂ - Gust (Flying), Leer (Normal), Quick Attack (Normal), Air Cutter (Flying)
Level 28 Butterfree ♀ - Poisonpowder (Poison), Stun Spore (Grass), Sleep Powder (Grass), Confusion (Psychic)
Level 40 Jigglypuff ♂ - Pound (Normal), Sweet Kiss (Fairy), Disarming Voice (Fairy), Disable (Normal)
Level 41 Greninja ♂ - Bubble (Water), Quick Attack (Normal), Lick (Ghost), Water Pulse (Water)
Level 30 Nuzleaf ♀ - Bide (Normal), Harden (Normal), Growth (Normal), Nature Power (Normal)
Level 39 Miltank ♀ - Tackle (Normal), Stomp (Normal), Growl (Normal), Milk Drink (Normal)

Not in Party
Level 23 Whirlipede ♂ - Poison Sting (Poison), Defense Curl (Normal), Pursuit (Dark), Protect (Normal)
Level 27 Stantler ♀ - Confuse Ray (Ghost), Take Down (Normal), Stomp (Normal), Hypnosis (Psychic)

Tranquill evolved into Unfezant. He wants to learn Roost (Flying), Detect (Fight), Taunt (Dark), Air Slash (Flying), and Razor Wind (Normal). He needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Frogadier evolved into Greninja. He wants to learn Smokescreen (Normal), Shadow Sneak (Ghost), Spikes (Ground), Feint Attack (Dark), and Water Shuriken (Water). He needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Miltank wants to learn Bide (Normal), Rollout (Rock), Body Slam (Normal), Zen Headbutt (Psychic), and Captivate (Normal). She needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Jigglypuff wants to learn Round (Normal), Rollout (Rock), Double Slap (Normal), Rest (Psychic), Body Slam (Normal), and Gyro Ball (Steel). He needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Butterfree wants to learn Gust (Flying), Supersonic (Normal), Whirlwind (Normal), Psybeam (Psychic), and Silver Wind (Bug). She needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Nuzleaf wants to learn Fake Out (Normal) and Torment (Dark). She needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Whirlipede wants to learn Poison Tail (Poison), Iron Defense (Steel), and Bug Bite (Bug). He needs to forget current moves to learn these. Please select which 4 attacks you would like your Pokemon to have as their attack set.

Balls: 3 PokeBalls, 2 Great Balls.

Bob searched Attleton and found...
After the balls, your comment will list a series of events that were decided via RNG, up until the point that a moderator can't make decisions based on the information you've given us. (For example: If a Pokemon appears or there's an opportunity to use an item, special events that require interaction, etc.) Your character may find items, encounter Pokemon, random challenges from trainers, or more. The more details you give on how your character is going to react, the more quickly we can get through your turns and to everyone else. If your character encountered a "remembered location" during a special event, please state if you would like your character to return and link to the thread that they first encountered that situation. Each reply to a moderator can be met with further action and when your character is done for the day, you will have the option to trade any leftover Pokeballs to exchange for Rare Candies. Since this is the last post, the levels made on this post will be the final levels for the event and what your score will be based on, so don't save any PokeBalls to try to roll them over! Have questions about the event? Get in contact with a moderator ASAP.

Due to time constraints on the mods and our helpers, you may not start your character's Pokemon Journey on the first or second post if you haven't started at all yet. You may start on this post with only the +25 you're allowed for off-post leveling if this is your first reply to any Pokemon event posts. Starters are still available if you are just coming in, but you will need to start your first reply on this post.

And your mods like to keep things simple and clean.

From an IC standpoint, your characters will stop receiving PokeBalls and wild Pokemon will stop appearing after Friday, September 4th. They will still have their Pokemon until we get everyone through the RNG posts to make sure everyone has all the items they can get and a 'goodbye' post will be put up for your characters to say goodbye to the Pokemon they can't keep.
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[personal profile] vernier 2015-11-11 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
What an interesting item! It might look nice in the guild...

Seeing as her Pokémon are fully healed, she will go ahead and infiltrate the base. Time to do this!
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Po R (monopoly) (01 Neutral)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2015-11-15 09:31 am (UTC)(link)
It was at about that time when Koishi showed up, pausing before approaching Wendy, tipping her hat up. "Miss? Miss can you see me?"

And when she was noticed...

"Hello Miss! My name is Koishi Komeiji! A lady with an R on her chest told me that the base full of mean people was here. Did someone tell you too?"

(I was told I could join the rocket base invasion)
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[personal profile] genpcs 2015-11-16 06:08 pm (UTC)(link)
((Sorry for the delay!))

As the two made introductions and Wendy followed the map they eventually came to a part of Fayren where an 'abandoned' shop resides.

Eventually a Rocket Grunt approached the door, looked left to right, and knocked. A sliding sound was heard.

"Marco." said the male voice behind the door.

"Polo." replied the grunt, then the door opened, allowing her entrance, and shut afterward.

Whenever they're ready, the duo can attempt to find a way in!
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[personal profile] vernier 2015-12-03 04:27 am (UTC)(link)
((Likewise, apologies for taking so long!))

Wendy smiled. "A-Ah... Yes, I can see you." She kept her gaze on the girl as she introduced herself. "My name is Wendy. It's nice to meet you, Koishi-san." She unrolled the map she had found earlier. "This map led me here."

From what Koishi said about Team Rocket, it was likely her goal was the same as Wendy's. "We have to stop them from taking people's Pokémon!" It was time the two made their way to the base!

Once the two arrived, Wendy watched the Grunt closely. Once she had entered, the young girl turned to Koishi. "What should we do? They'll probably attack us even if we give the correct password." She was open to any ideas—even fighting, which was inevitable regardless.
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Po R (monopoly) (02 Happy)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2015-12-03 04:45 am (UTC)(link)
"Well, if you're good at lying we could pretend to be undercover and get in without a fight. Miss White has me give her reports. You can pretend you have a report to give. I can be invisible and slip in after you." She brightened.

The little youkai giggled. "I can take the pokeballs from his belt too as we pass people. If you have a bag we can collect them."

"And if all else fails we can just battle. I'm good at that too."
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[personal profile] vernier 2015-12-03 05:38 am (UTC)(link)
Wendy listened to Koishi. Once the girl finished speaking, she nodded. "I think I can pretend to be undercover." Though usually honest, she could lie if the situation called for it. "And, um... I can use supportive magic, but hopefully we won't need it." Unless the Rocket Grunts tried attacking them directly, it was unlikely the two would end up fighting themselves.

Once the two were ready, she approached the door, prepared to give her "report".
genpcs: (Pokemon!)

[personal profile] genpcs 2015-12-05 08:51 pm (UTC)(link)
The dup approached the door and, predictably, only one of them was visible to the the man behind the door.

The sliding sound followed and revealed a pair of eyes. "Marco."

"Polo?" we presume is the answer. That was easy! So the door was dragged open.

Inside is a somewhat run-of-the-mill store. It used to be a weapons shop, the front area rather small and it appeared most of the action was going on in the back, beyond the clerk counter. Both a male Rocket female Rocket stood by the door, and both of them raised a brow.

"Wait a minute.. Who are you again?" he asked.
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Po R (monopoly) (11 Love 2)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2015-12-06 05:36 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi slipped in easily, drifting above Wendy as she made her way inside. She paused as the rockets addressed them.

"They can't hear me so don't answer me directly. But you can try bluffing your way through this if you want. Just call them stupid for not recognizing you and tell them you're special and undercover and things... Or we can just battle."
vernier: (086)

[personal profile] vernier 2015-12-07 12:43 am (UTC)(link)
To Wendy, bluffing was more preferable to battling. It would mean having to act opposite her disposition, but she had to give it a shot!

"Y-You..." No, a member of Team Rocket wouldn't respond by stuttering. She had to be more confident—and perhaps a little degrading. That was more befitting, right?

Wendy took a deep breath. "You fools, how could you forget me? I was specially picked to go undercover in this sickeningly peaceful place!" She glared at them, feet planted firmly on the ground. Would that be enough to trick them?
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[personal profile] genpcs 2015-12-09 07:50 am (UTC)(link)
The two rockets looked taken aback by Wendy's response, and the man raised his hands as if backing off. "Woah, okay, okay, take it easy, it was just a.. Uh.. Test! Go ahead and give the Boss your report."

Once the two moved along, the grunts looked to one another. "What was -her- problem?" "Right? The short ones are always jerks."

In the back, the area is more spacious and Wendy was greeted with a more familiar sight. The area used for inventory and anvil hammering was now being used to keep a lot of pokemon in locked cages! About eight rockets meandered the area (in convenient pairs) and, for whatever reason, didn't pay Wendy much mind.

Off to the left is a stairwell that lead upstairs, which mostly likely is where 'the boss' is. The duo have a few options!
koishi_komeiji: Art by: yoshioka yoshiko (90 Presence 3)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-13 07:04 pm (UTC)(link)
(I sent a few messages asking what you wanted to do. I'll just pick something then.)

Koishi patted Wendy on the shoulder, vanishing completely as she moved down the line of cages, looking in them at the pokemon, looking around to see if there was a key anywhere. She was absolutely ready in case Wendy wanted to get into a double battle, but she wasn't really up for going and fighting the boss yet.

After all, releasing the pokemon might mean that some would be willing to help them out against the boss. Maybe.

"Don't worry..." She leaned in close to some of the pokemon, whispering. "Just say quiet. I'm going to get you out."
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[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-13 08:38 pm (UTC)(link)
(OOC: I've found that Wendy has dropped from the game. Would you like to proceed assuming that Wendy has proceeded upstairs on her own (and will end up vanishing), or change the scenario entirely?)
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Po R (monopoly) (11 Love)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-13 10:18 pm (UTC)(link)
(I'd love to continue.)

Then Koishi will use her invisibility to reassure the pokemon and look for keys for the cages...
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[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-13 10:58 pm (UTC)(link)
With a bit of looking around, Koishi could find that two of the rocket grunts are actually carrying key-rings on their belt with three keys each. That would be enough to unlock about two-thirds of the cages.

There are quite the variety of pokemon, and Koishi simply not looking like the Rockets is enough to keep them from getting frightened. Sudddenly from the front room comes a sound of a door getting violently smashed down, followed by yelps of pain.

"What the heck is that? Intruders?? You five, go check that out!" one of the Rockets yell, which leaves the last three (two conveniently carrying keys) hanging around. That evens things up a bit!

"Uh.. Should we tell the boss?"

"What do you mean 'we'? -You- tell him!"

"... Nah, I'm sure it'll work itself out."

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koishi_komeiji: Art by: hayaneko (ceceragi) (91 Glowing Tip)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-14 07:53 am (UTC)(link)
Well then... Koishi huffed to herself, eyeing the rockets. If they've noticed her then she's certainly losing her touch. Or maybe it doesn't work as well on NPCs... huh... Oh well. Either way Koishi will try and pickpocket the keys. If that doesn't work then POKEMON BATTLE!
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[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-14 08:35 am (UTC)(link)
On the contrary, the Rockets didn't notice Koishi, there is a ruckus going on in the first room. The remaining Rockets stand about mumbling to one another, then split up.

This makes things even easier for Koishi! She manages to lift the keys without either owner noticing.

Item Found: Key Ring 1 and Key Ring 2.

Koishi is now able to unlock cages 1-3, furthest from the exit. She has access to cages 7-9 that one of the Rockets is near.

A roar-like noise is heard from the first room, which seems to make the other Rockets confused and really not paying attention.

Edited 2016-01-14 08:36 (UTC)
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Po R (monopoly) (15 Excited)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-15 12:36 am (UTC)(link)
Approach the cages and tell the pokemon to stay put until she shouts for them to act. Then they can all leap out and surprise the rockets. And tell them if they stay to help they can rescue the rest of the pokemon too.

And then start unlocking the cages 7-9.

Try to stealth unlock 1-3. If that doesn't work POKEMON BATTLLE!

If she is successful unlocking the cages she'll give the signal, send out Ivysaur, and POKEMON BATTLE!
genpcs: (Pokemon!)

[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-15 01:17 am (UTC)(link)
> Koishi unlocked cage 9 and... It was empty!
> Koishi unlocked cage 8 and... Released a Florges!
> Koishi unlocked cage 7 and... Released a Blissey!

Florges and Blissey follow Koishi. Blissey wants to help! The ruckus in the next room continues, and one of the Rockets flies into the room, unconscious! The Rocket near the other cages freak out then run into the first room, leaving them unattended!

> Koishi unlocked cage 1 and... Released a Clefable!
> Koishi unlocked cage 2 and... found an Everstone!
> Koishi unlocked cage 3 and... Released a Sawk!

Clefable and Sawk follow Koishi. Sawk seems to be in fighting condition!

"What in the world?? Who opened these cages??" the Rocket yelped, suddenly challenged by Ivysaur!


Level 32 Female Graveler (Rock/Ground)
Inventory: 3 Poke Balls, 4 Great Balls, 5 Ultra Balls, EXP Share (Held by Trevenant), 3x Everstone (Held by Ivysaur), Pachirisu Doll, Leaf Stone, Gengar Doll, Galladite (Held by Gallade), Helix Fossil, Fire Cushion, Soft Sand (Held by Gible), Quick Powder (Held by Ditto)

> Koishi sends out Ivysaur!
> Ivysaur used Vine Whip. It's super effective! (x4)
> Graveler fainted!

Ivysaur gained xp, but not enough to level.


"You beat me, but you're crazy if you think you can beat the boss!"

The ruckus in the first room seems to have calmed some, the yelling isn't as loud. It won't be long before they return. There doesn't appear to be a third set of keys around. What will Koishi do next?
koishi_komeiji: Art by: spark621 (91 Glowing Hello)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-15 03:41 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi pet Ivysaur. "You did so well. So wonderfully, spectacularly well."

Then she turned to the rocket grunt, tentacles snapping out from her sleeves and wrapping him, lifting him high into the air. "Now. You're going to tell me where the keys are for the rest of the cages and where you're holding any other pokemon, and where I can find some healing items." A smile. "I'll know if you're lyyyying~"

Koishi also moved toward the door that the commotion was happening in, peeking inside.

(also Koishi traded her Leaf Stone for TM 77: Psych Up. I've updated my inventory to reflect this)
Edited 2016-01-15 03:48 (UTC)
genpcs: (Pokemon!)

That's not horrifying at all

[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-15 03:57 am (UTC)(link)
Tentacles? Clyde shrieks at the top of his lungs in response to this tiny yet horrifying disaster! He doesn't get paid enough for this! "EEEEEEEEEK!! I'll talk! I'll talk! The Boss has it! It's for the biggest pokemon we got! I can't do anything, I'm just a grunt! For the love of all that is great PLEASE LET ME GO!!"

Koishi also catches sight of three grunts standing. Maybe the others are unconscious? One of them is holding a wild-haired red-head in a full nelson while the other delivers punches to her gut, and the third looks absolutely furious. "You think we're gonna let you get away, huh? Hit her again! Harder!"

Somehow, the wild-haired girl seems familiar.
koishi_komeiji: Art by: hayaneko (ceceragi) (91 Glowing Tip)

You're right! It's cute~

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-15 04:28 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi put Clyde down a bit roughly and went inside, tentacles still at the ready. She tried to grab the other rockets (by the throat if possible) with them and get them off the red haired girl. She also uses this opportunity to look scarier with her battle aura distorting the air around her.

"Three on one isn't fair at all!"
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[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-15 05:44 am (UTC)(link)
The Rockets clearly weren't expecting Koishi to come from the back so that's one surprise. She's able to snag two of them and the third, once holding the girl, releases the victim and makes a run for it. "YIKES!"

There are unconscious, beaten up Rockets and pokemon scattered on the floor. The released red-head coughs a couple of times, then gets to her feet with a weak grin. "Tch, now look what you did. I was holding up fine, why'd you butt in, kid?"

It's Lauren! She's no longer in her Rocket Gear and dressed in tattered clothes. She explains to Koishi (whom she seems to recognize) that she had returned to tell her boss she resigns and return the pokemon to their owners so she can start her path to redeem herself. Obviously the other Rockets didn't take this news too well.

"So I take it you freed those guys that their owners hold dear. Ah well, scram, and I'll *cough* take things from here."
koishi_komeiji: Art by: Ninniku105 (40 Ability Tentacles)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-15 06:55 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi wrapped several more tentacles around the rockets she was holding, lifting them a little higher and reinforcing her grip with several times and squeezing, ensuring they couldn't get away.

The expression on her face was elated. Another chance to speak in rhyme!

"Miss! You're back! And you're speaking in rhyme!
Do you really do that all the time?
Anyway, never-mind. I'm glad you're here.
As a team we should shut down this place of fear.
So don't brush me aside. I want to assist.
I wouldn't want any pokemon to be missed."

Koishi pulled the two captured rockets close. "Now... You two. Tell me. Is there anything between us and your leader? Any traps? Any thunder or rocks or the heat of steel on stone?" Her tentacles tightened a bit, but they could still breathe. "And what pokemon does he have?"
Edited (moar rhyme) 2016-01-15 06:57 (UTC)
genpcs: (Pokemon!)

[personal profile] genpcs 2016-01-15 07:21 am (UTC)(link)
For the time being, the Rockets could only gasp, wheeze and kick their legs. There's mostly fear, but there's also confusion-- Especially that one of their former own knows Koishi.

Lauren blinks a few times, then grins back at Koishi.
"When I speak like this I feel pretty chic'
though I admit it gets tough when I start feelin' weak.
Anyway two's company, but three's too many
The only team we need is Loudred and me.

At least that's what I'd say back when we first met.
But together we can get this done quicker, I bet."

The Rockets in Koishi's possession appear as if they're going to wet themselves. For the most part there's just babbling and umm'ing. But that doesn't last for long.

"There is no need to rough up my crew, I'm right here." A tall man adorn in a slick suit enters the scene, hands in his pockets, a scar over his left eye and a toothpick in his mouth. He looks like the very definition of a snake oil salesman. "Look at this mess. Damned children."

"I'm on a tight schedule and I need those pokemon back in their cages in ten minutes to sell off to some very interested collectors. Shall we do this the easy way? Or the hard way?"
Edited 2016-01-15 07:21 (UTC)
koishi_komeiji: Art by: haruichi (92 Youkai Teeth)

[personal profile] koishi_komeiji 2016-01-15 07:37 am (UTC)(link)
Koishi was all smiles, laughing a little again and smiling up at the ex-rocket.

"I know what you mean.
It's fun to talk in rhyme
If I was better at it
I might do it all the time."

"Sadly, I'm not, I thought and fought
to find the right words
But you're much better than me.
This I see."

"Still, this dream team will gleam!
So let's-"

The little youkai paused, tilting her head as the rocket leader appeared. She turned around, staring up at him. She didn't seem all that frightened though.

"Oh. Hello mister. Are you good at rhyming? You're lucky I find it so fun or I might have just eaten everyone in here. I don't like how mean you all are."

She waved at the freed pokemon, gesturing them to get back. not all of them were in top fighting shape, after all. Koishi drew a pokeball. "We'll fight Mister. I suppose you want to use pokemon though since you're human and weak and I can break your bones with my teeth. You'll give us the last key if we win, okay? And I'll introduce you to a very rare pokemon too. I bet you'll like him."

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